Hadden Sayers Band – 12 Bars and the Naked Truth

12 Bars and the Naked Truth
12 Bars and the Naked Truth

There’s no question what you’re going to get when you hear one of Hadden Sayers’ records. It’s rock and roll, plain and simple. No pretense, he just plugs in and plays, and brings with him a batch of good songs every time. His lyrics are usually direct and to the point, and his melodic hooks match that philosophy.

“Extraordinary Girl” is a big, ballsy rocker with crunchy guitars that call to mind the Smithereens at their best. “Sunday Afternoon” is the type of song that, if radio had it’s stuff together, would be a hit. Anyone remember when good rock-pop songs were on the radio? “Hate Yourself Tomorrow” is a funky rocker with lots of 9th chords and slinky single-note sounds. “RockNRoll Star” has a great feel with a nice message for aspiring musicians. It’s all fueled by crunchy chords, a great chorus, a solo heavy on the wah, and a finish that would do the Who proud. “Up to You” is one of those rockers with a tinge of jazz. The solo work is wonderful. Wrapping up the record is “Absolutely Free,” where Sayers plays his nastiest solo. Great stuff.

Again, there’s nothin’ fancy here. But there is rock-solid music, well-written and well-played. That in itself has become an art form in this day and age. Check it out, for a nice kick in the rear.

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