Kombo – Cookin’ Out

Cookin' out

Kombo is Ron Pedley on keyboards, and Jon Pondel on guitars. They’ve got lots of great help too, with guys like Steve Ferrone, Matt Bissonette, and Sharon Hendrix. The music is the same kind you might hear on smooth jazz radio, but a little funkier. Like “Dirty Martini.” It’s some nice mid-tempo funk with a nice solo. And the cover of “Low Rider” is sure to make you smile with its double-stops and killer chordal work that highlights the familiar licks and melody. “Tight” is “happy soul,” reminiscent of songs like “Soul Serenade” from the ’60s. Pondel’s guitar cooks all over this one. Nice rhythm and killer leads. His sound is compressed/pinched just enough that it sounds great on this kind of music.

There’s also a nice cover of the old Fifth Dimension hit “Stoned Soul Picnic” with killer vocals by Hendrix. It’s a nice arrangement, just different enough, and features a nice bluesy solo by Pondel. There’s something for everyone here – horn-driven funk with nice guitar and organ work dominates the title cut. And the soulful, bluesy funk of “Getting’ It Done” is sure to capture fans of folks like Eddie Harris. Recommended for fans of soul-influenced funk.

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