Compiled by Ben Valkoff – Eyewitness: The Illustrated Jimi Hendrix Concerts

Compiled by Ben Valkoff

The second volume reviewing Hendrix concerts, this one covering the tumultuous period of ’68, when Hendrix worked through a relentless schedule of touring and recording. As noted in our review of the first volume (VG, February ’98), this self-published work is a major historical documentation of Hendrix concerts as recalled through the eyes and ears of attendees. There are reviews of both good and mediocre shows, with a focus on factual honesty that is refreshing in an age where history is often revised to sugarcoat the truth after enough time has passed. This book is quite a feast for the Hendrix enthusiast, as it features many unpublished concert photos, newspaper and magazine reviews, advertisements, posters, even ticket stubs!

Besides playing a number of different Stratocasters, Hendrix is also photographed with an SG copy, Flying V, and Jazzmaster. His Marshall stacks appear tattered and torn, no doubt from loading at venues, not to mention the abuse heap-ed on them by Hendrix the showman. Perhaps the best part of the book comes in a description of Hendrix’s show on July 31, 1968 in Shreveport, Lousiana.

“Uh, yeah dig,” Hendrix is quoted as saying. “Right now, Mitch and Noel are gonna do somethin’, a jam kind of thing, for a few minutes; I gotta go to the bathroom!”

The book is every bit as honest as Hendrix was. The author plans to continue the Eyewitness series with a book on the 1967 concerts. Copies are only available from Syncoop Productions Slot, Assumburgpad 54, 3123 RR Schiedam, The Netherlands. For more information, see

Nijmegen, The Netherlands: Up From the Skies Unlimited 2000, hardbound 144 pages, ISBN 90-73235-78-2, $40.

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