Abby and Norm Group – Volume 1: The Book of Norman

Volume 1: The Book of Norman

This band is led by Norman Zocher and Abby Aronson, both professors at the Berklee College of Music. The style is jazz, and it’s a fine mix of different modern styles. Abby is a fine bassist, driving the tunes, and playing some very nice solos when called on (“Cytyc Thinprep 2000”). Norm plays guitar in a style that will recall several folks, from Pat have his own sound and is a wonderful player.

One nice, unique thing about the CD is the compositions. The tunes are catchy, and challenging. They cover a number of feels, from straight-ahead be-bop, to blues (sort of) on “Hick Licks,” to songs that sound like they could be based on standards (“Devolution”).

The support is fine throughout, and guest saxophonist George Garzone shines on a couple of cuts. For fans of modern jazz, this is a good one. If you want to get in touch with the band, you can e-mail them at

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