Kenny “Blue” Ray – Git It!

Git It!

I’ve lost count! I believe this is Kenny’s sixth self-produced CD. And, as have its predecessors, Git It, his most recent effort, again illustrates Blue Ray’s dedication to the blues craft.

Rumor has it his next release will be on the J.S.P. label. I say go Kenny go … go! …you a hard woukin dude. Git It presents another tour de force of the regional schools – Chicago, Texas, and California – although the Delta is more than conspicuous in its absence. But on the flipside, any tribute to Wes and K. Burrell (Brazilian Nights) is always a breath of fresh air.

Real strong and respectful playing on this release. Brother, I’m still waiting to hear you sing, now I know you can do it, so Blue Ray get to it! Don’t hold back! You’ll probably sound just like Chester or McKinley, and I don’t mean the Presidents.

From the west coast bluesman who’s known for keeping the California guitar builders out of router bits, Kenny Blue Ray’s Git It is worth the search.

Good luck with the new label, and remember old “Shakin Dave” when you get that signing bonus!!!

Tone King Records, Menlo Park, CA 94026. (415) 321-5870

This review originally appeared in VG‘s May ’97 issue.

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