Trevor McShane

Asphalt & Sand
Trevor McShane

Trevor McShane

By day, Neville Johnson is an attorney who was voted by Hollywood Reporter as one of the Top 100 Power Lawyers, seven years running. By night he assumes the alter ego of singer-songwriter Trevor McShane to pursue his passion for music.

While building an entertainment-law empire, McShane penned hundreds of songs fixed squarely in the country-pop-rock genre. His plan is to release these songs over 12 albums; Asphalt & Sand is the first installment.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Barry Keenan, this collection harkens back to an innocuous blend of crossover pop, rock, and country music heard in the ’70s. It’s filled with beautiful melodies, excellent production, and quirky lyrics with vocals to match. With a nod and a wink to Jimmy Buffett and Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, McShane’s lyrics explore relationships, life, love, and confronting injustice.

“Since We’ve Been Together” benefits from tight arrangements, well-orchestrated guitar parts, and a muscular hook. “She’s The Only One” is pure old-school pop country with a bouncy groove and violin, while “California” mixes psychedelic components and pop.

There’s tasteful guitar throughout, but McShane’s vocal delivery and lyrics are the draw.

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