Steely Dan – Two Against Nature (video)

Two Against Nature (video)

Two Against Nature features the current touring band doing new and old tunes in concert in a nice intimate setting that highlights the band’s sound perfectly. Fagen and Becker lead a group featuring the wonderful Jon Herington on guitar, Tom Barney on bass, Ricky Lawson on drums, some killer horn players and lots more. The tape has the band roaring through stuff like “Green Earrings,” “Kid Charlemagne,” “FM,” “Peg,” “What a Shame About Me,” and lots more. Through it all, Becker solos deftly, spewing out jazzy solos that are tasty, imaginative, and fit the songs perfectly. Herington is the perfect compliment. Shifting between a 335 and a Tele, his biting solos continue a long-standing Dan tradition of great players. He even fights off the images of one of the great guitar solos in rock history on “Kid Charlemagne” and manages to make it his own.

In between, there are some great interview segments with Fagen and Becker that highlight the smart-ass attitude that they’ve always been noted for. The production’s great, the sound is wonderful, and this one is well worth the money.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Mar. ’01 issue.

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