Scott H. Biram

Nothin' But Blood

Scott H. Biram
If you condensed Southern Culture on the Skids down to a one-man band, it would sound something like Scott Biram. Comparisons to C.C. Adcock, Rev. Freakchild, and Cub Koda’s rootsy solo albums also come to mind.

Biram was born in Lockhart, Texas (barbecue capital of the world), and calls nearby Austin home. On Nothin’ But Blood, he straddles God and the devil, as if Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart were Siamese twins rather than cousins. He delivers an X-rated version of Mance Lipscomb’s “Alcohol Blues” and a rendition of “Backdoor Man” possibly more lascivious than Howlin’ Wolf’s, along with the Beefheart-meets-Hooker original “Church Point Girls.” He then closes the set with three rousing gospel cuts. The surprise gem, though, is the quiet, personal ballad “Never Comin’ Home,” featuring some beautiful bluegrass flatpicking.

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