January 2007


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Fender’s 1962-’81 Jazz Bass
Introduced in 1960 to provide players with a feel and sound that varied significantly from Fender’s Precision, the Jazz Bass was intended to be the more tonally diverse, slicker-playing descendant. By Ward Meeker

A Long, Twisted Trip
His musical roots were established amidst the sounds made by folkies and mid-’60s American blues, but he became famous for playing anthemic ’80s rock. Today, he tends a fine collection of guitars. By Ward Meeker

Fender‘s 1958-’60 Bassman
Though the Bassman debuted in 1952 as a 1×15″ combo with a semi-closed back, the 5F6 version introduced in 1955 has long been seen as a significant improvement in its form. By Dave Hunter

Gibson’s F-5 is today considered the ultimate mando. But through the first quarter of the 20th century, the F-4 was considered by most players – including Lloyd Loar himself – to be the finest mandolin available. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

It’s no secret that the supply of N.O.S. vacuum tubes is drying up faster than petrol in a ’56 Caddy. And if you’re a fan of the 6V6, now’s the time to secure a supply of your own before they’re only for the wealthy. Here’s what to look for… By Nathaniel Riverhorse Nakadate

One prominent thread in the story of the guitar is a quest for more volume effectively achieved with the electric guitar but actually started in the 1890s, when guitarists replaced gut strings with wire – and began using instruments like this. By Michael Wright

Kiss-able EB-0
The Gibson EB-0 debuted in 1959 with a double-cutaway body and a silhouette inspired by second-generation Les Paul Juniors. In the mid 1970s, Kiss’ Gene Simmons may well have played this one. By Willie G. Moseley

Semie Moseley: The Lost Interview, Part One
From a 1981 interview that has never been published, the hugely influential guitar builer provides fascinating reminiscences about his early days, and some of his adventures in the 1970s. By Michael Wright


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Phil Keaggy
Triple Duty
By John Heidt

Bo Ramsey
Paying Respects, Paying Dues
By John Heidt

Big Bill Broonzy
Ambassador of the blues
By Dan Forte

Ask Zac
By Zac Childs

Robert Cray
Live… At Last!
By John Heidt

Skydog Story
Writing the book on Duane Allman
By Eric C. Shoaf

Classic Concerts
February/March, 1968, Philadelphia
By Rick Vito


Q&A With George Gruhn

A Curmudgeon Goes on Vacation
By Steven Stone

Leslie West
By Wolf Marshall

“401K” Guitars
Mining For Gold(tops)
By Gil Hembree


Dan’s Guitar Rx
An Ounce of Prevention
By Dan Erlewine

Guitar Shop
Taming the Beast
By Tony Nobles

Talkin’ Amps With…
Robert Vosgien on high-dollar counterfeit amps
By David Jung


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Doc and Merle Watson, Pat Metheny, Steepwater Band, James Hunter, Rick Vito, more!

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Bluegrass Done Right
By Dan Forte

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