November 2008



Ahead of His Time… Two Times
The son of musicians who toured with USO bands, he grew up immersed in “cry in your beer” country. As a member of the cutting-edge “alt country” band Jason and the Scorchers, he flirted with fame and fortune. By Ward Meeker

The Hiwatt Custom 50
Marshall might have established valvulicious rock lead tone in the late 1960s, but for power and punch, Hiwatt ruled the roost. This one used the same circuit as the famed Custom 100, minus four output tubes. By Dave Hunter

The fretted electric bass perfected and popularized by Fender’s Precision of 1951 was not a new concept at the dawn of the electric era. This instrument, one of three known to exist, bears proof it was fairly developed by the ’30s. By George Gruhn and Walter Carter

A ’57 Gibson Les Paul Emerges To Tell a Story
Taken in trade by a music store in Florida, it was sold to a local recording studio in 1977. Shortly afterward, its new owner started to wonder if maybe it wasn’t much more than just another Les Paul. By Ward Meeker

Sideman, Solo Artist, Engineer, Producer, Independent Spirit
As a sideman, he stands above the crowd for wearing many hats and the distinctive voice and sensibility he brings to the roles. But better evidence of those traits is demonstrated on his solo records. By Dan Forte

The mass-produced stereo guitar didn’t become a reality until Jimmie Webster persuaded Gretsch to develop the White Falcon in 1955. Gibson followed in ’56 with the stereo ES-345, and a decade later this guitar was introduced, sort of a “poor man’s alternative.” By Michael Wright

The B.C. Rich Stealth
Using a platform co-designed by Rick Derringer, this rare axe was custom-built for Richie King of the L.A. band Sorcery, which shared the stage with Van Halen and other SoCal hard rock acts. By Willie G. Moseley


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Redd Volkaert
Reddy and Willing
By Rick Allen

Mike Zito
Chance Encounters
By John Heidt

Walter Becker
Back to Bass-ics
By John Heidt

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Dan Man
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Dead and the Dog
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Mike Keneally
The Uncommon Guitar God
By Pete Prown

Peter Cooper
Nashville Storyteller
By Dan Forte


The (Way) Back Beat
The Wandering Jaywalker: The Pete “Buzz” Miller Story, Part 3
By Peter S. Kohman

Q&A With George Gruhn

Time to Clear Shelf Space?
By Steven Stone

“401K” Guitars
Early B.C. Rich Guitars
By Gil Hembree

Paul Kossoff
By Wolf Marshall


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A Guitar Rx First!
By Dan Erlewine

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George Metropoulos: Buiding a Kit Amp
By David Jung


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