Godlyke Offers TWA GD-02 Great Divide


TWA GD-02 Great DivideGodlyke’s TWA GD-02 Great Divide Analog Synth Octaver combines analog octave division with proprietary synth technology in a pedal that offers five independent voices that can be blended for an array of sounds. It uses TWA’s proprietary S3 Shortest Send Switching – a form of relay-based true-bypass that automatically reverts to bypass if power is lost. Other features include -1 Octave  Voice with Level Fader & LPF controls, +1 Octave Voice with Level Fader & LPF controls, +1 Octave Envelope Mode, SUB voice with Level Fader, four waveforms for SYN voice, TRS Effects Loop, and 12 internal controls to adjust voice parameters. For more, visit www.godlyke.com.

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