Reverend Offering Ltd. Ed. Anderson Signature Models

Reverend A1_RT
The Reverend Pete Anderson A1-RT

Reverend Guitars is offering a limited number of Pete Anderson Eastsider T and PA-1 RT guitars in Gold Metal Flake finish, available at Wildwood Guitars. The Eastsider-T has a chambered Korina body, compound-radius maple fretboard, push/pull phase switch, custom Alnico pickups, stainless-steel saddles, and a graphite nut. The PA-1 RT has Reverend Revtron pickups, a hollow maple body with Reverend’s proprietary Uni-Brace system, three -piece Korina neck, 15th-fret neck-and-body joint, embossed knobs, and a logo pickguard.  Its Bass Contour variable bass roll-off adjusts pickup voicing, and all PA-1s use a Bigsby B70. For more, visit

Reverend Pete Anderson Eastsider T
Pete Anderson Eastsider T

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