Tennant to Perform with Romero Collection Guitars

Scott Tenant
Scott Tennant

Classical guitarist Scott Tennant will stage a performance using seven guitars owned and played by the Romero family, June 1 in the showroom of Guitar Salon, Santa Monica, California.

The guitars – an 1886 Torres, 1970 Miguel Rodriguez reverse-fan, 1919 Santos Hernandez, 1958 Miguel Rodriguez flamenco, 1969 Hermann Hauser, the 1973 Miguel Rodriguez churchdoor known as “La Wonderful,” a 2001 Blochinger, and a guitar by Antonio de Torres, the famed 19th-century builder – will be brought to the venue by Pepe Romero, Jr., a renowned maker who continues the family’s guitar tradition. He will introduce each instrument and provide background, technical, and historical information before handing it off to Tennant. Learn more at guitarsalon.com.

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