3rd Power Updates British Dream, Dream Solo Amps


3rd Power updates BD, Dream Solo amps.3RD Power is updating its British Dream and Dream Solo amps. The British Dream and Dream Solo 4 are being enhanced with a feature the company calls Orange Glow, a gain-boost mode that uses no clipping diodes and increases saturation using a 12AX7 tube. The British Dream and Dream Solo 3 have been given an updated ’59 AC channel that uses an EF86 tube, which delivers greater touch-sensitivity, and the Dream Solo 3 (which is inspired by the Vox AC30), has been given a redesigned preamp, power amp, and power supply that utilizes the more-reliable 6V6 output tube rather than the traditional EL84. The HybridMaster volume management feature on all three has been updated to expand its range of attenuation. Learn more at www.3rdPower.com.

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