E-H Unveils Tone Tattoo


Electro-Harmonix Intros Tone TattooThe Electro-Harmonix Tone Tattoo combines three analog effects – distortion, chorus, and delay. Each is taken from one of the company’s products; the Metal Muff for distortion, Neo Clone for chorus, and Memory Toy for delay. The effects are independent, and operated by three footswitches that provide individual control. Every parameter has a dedicated knob or switch. The Metal Muff has controls for Drive, Volume, Treble, and Bass. A three-position mini-toggle Scoop switch lets the player select high (-11dB) or low (-7.5dB) mid-frequency attenuation. The Neo Clone’s Rate knob controls modulation speed, a Depth button lets the player select high or low chorus intensity. The Memory Toy delivers 30ms to 550ms of delay time adjustable through its Delay control. Additional controls are provided for Feedback, Blend, and Gain. Check it out at ehx.com.

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