Korg Offers Pitchblack Poly Tuner


Korg Offers Pitchblack Poly TunerKorg’s Pitchblack Poly is a true-bypass tuner that displays all tuning results at once, on individual meters for each string. Its “String Seeker” function detects which string is being adjusted, then switches the display to tune just that string. It has a high-contrast, double-meter design, with four selectable metering modes: Regular, Full-Strobe, Half-Strobe, and Split. Its calibration frequency is adjustable from 436 to 445 Hz; and the tuning accuracy is ± 1 Cent. It can used with guitar or bass (four-, five-, or six-string), and it supports flat tunings of up to five semitones, capo tunings up to a seven semitones, as well as drop-D tunings. When using optional AC adaptor, the pedal can provide cascade power to others. See more at korg.com.


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