Perriink Custom Guitars Retools

The Perriink Eagle 84
The Perriink Eagle 84

Perriink Custom Guitars, founded by Nick Perri, is launching new instrument and hardware lines. Perri says he no longer uses aftermarket bodies and necks to build his instruments, thanks to changes in access to machines and equipment. “I’m developing, fabricating, painting, and using all the resources I’m lucky enough to now have,” he said.

Perri’s new guitar is the Eagle 84, which he says has, “…a stripped-down, vintage-inspired design” that combines attributes of his favorite guitars. He has also begun work on the Garage Series line of accessories and hardware, which will follow the aesthetics of the guitars.

“Though these new guitars are different, the principals are the same: to create and bring to market instruments that are upgraded and modified beyond players expectations, out of the box,” he said.

The Perriink Cartel opened last year, offering custom guitars and motorcycles, a tattoo and piercing parlor, barber shop, and clothing line under one roof. For more, go to

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