On the office wall...

On the office wall…

Teardrops from Heaven

This is my shiny, happy silverburst Gibson family. All are clean, “excellent” to “very good” condition, and absent of major dings. It’s also exemplary of the various shades the finish can take on with exposure to light, elements, etc.

“Why silverbursts?” you ask. Well, the LP Custom was the first guitar I ever bought; got it in 1990 for $400. Next was the V, which I picked up at my first Arlington show in ’96. Then they just kinda came along piece by piece. The only ones I know that I’m missing are a V bass and a V2.. oh, and a couple minor LP variants (not including the newer P-90 Special Gibson did a couple years ago). Interestingly, the 335S has seen by far the most play. The back of the neck has some significant playing wear because it’s a great player… so much for the Norlin QC myth.

And the amps are recent adds – I just needed some bookends. What better than black and silver Marshalls?


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