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The Ultimate Speaker Demo


Learn more about the Ultimate Speaker Demo in the video below. (more…)

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Guitarist Peter Banks Passes


Peter Banks, a guitarist and co-founder of the progressive-rock band Yes, died March 7 at his home in London. He was 65 and suffered heart failure. One of the progenitors of the prog-rock style, as a boy, Banks learned to play acoustic guitar and banjo. (more…)

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GearTunes, VG Set for Ultimate Speaker Demo


Beginning March 14, GearTunes.com will stream The Ultimate Speaker Demo, hosted by session guitarist Doug Doppler, whose collection of vintage and rare Ibanez instruments was featured in the June ’12 issue of VG. The stream, which will run from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. PST each day through March 17. can also be viewed on (more…)

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Perri Ink Intros Distressed B&W Flag Pickguard


The Perri Ink Distressed Flag pickguard uses an image embedded into a high-quality plastic pickguard. The image will never rub off or fade. All screw holes are countersunk, edges are beveled, and it is available in three varieties and various custom sizes and (more…)

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John McLaughlin Slates Tour


Guitarist John McLaughlin – cited by Jeff Beck as “the best guitarist alive” –  will tour the eastern U.S. this summer, beginning June 11 and including an appearance at Bonnaroo June 14 and a three-night stand in New York City before concluding June 23. (more…)

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Railhammer Adds Anvil Pickup


Railhammer’s new Anvil pickup uses a high-output ceramic magnet, 44-gauge wire, and increased winding to produce power and girth. It’s designed to help a player’s fast riffs, complex chords, and palm muting cut through a mix with greater clarity than a traditional humbucker. It uses (more…)

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Oates Song Slated for ESPN Telecast


John Oates’ single, “Stand Strong” will be featured in an ESPN2 telecast of the NASCAR Nationwide Series race March 16 from Bristol Motor Speedway. The song will be serve as the theme for the telecast, heard in the pre-race Countdown, which airs at 1:30 p.m. ET. “I’ve had a longstanding relationship (more…)

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BBE Updates Mind Bender Vibrato/Chorus


The BBE Mind Bender MB-2 vibrato/chorus pedal is wired for true-bypass switching and uses a “bucket brigade” delay circuit, 1% metal-film resistors, high-voltage poly caps, military-spec circuit board, and has a blue status LED and an easy-access battery compartment. Learn more at www.bbesound.com. (more…)

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Wren and Cuff Offers Mercy Phuk OD


The Wren and Cuff Mercy Phuk overdrive for bass and guitar employs an op-amp-driven MOSFET/LED asymmetrical clipping section with internal trim pot that lets the player fine-tune the amount of drive. A second gain stage employs another asymmetrical hybrid germanium/LED clipping section. (more…)

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Keeley Intros Red Dirt OD


Keeley Electronics’ Red Dirt overdrive combines the sounds of the company’s Mod Plus and Baked modified pedals with refinements that help it create dynamic gain at mild and heavier sustain settings. Its Volume control balances the signal or pushes an amp to further sustain and (more…)

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