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The Lucky Tomblin Band – In a Honky-Tonk Mood


Sometimes, a record is just meant to be fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Welcome to In a Honky-Tonk Mood. Of course, it’s easy to have fun with the likes of this band. There are few guitarists around right now from whom (more…)

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Sonic Youth – Goo (Deluxe Edition)


As we get older, reminders of the fact come fast and furious. The reissue of classic albums from our youth perhaps hits the hardest, as with this newly remastered deluxe edition of Sonic Youth’s landmark 1990 alt rock masterpiece, Goo. Seems like (more…)

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Kate Rusby – The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly


When you listen to Kate Rusby, you hear the very essence of Celtic music. Her voice soars over the top of a song without the gross limitations of a human form. Kate Rusby can fly anytime she wants. The (more…)

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1912-’16 Manuel Ramírez Model 26


Manuel Ramírez was one of the most important makers of the Madrid school at the turn of the 20th century. His well-organized shop was staffed by talented makers such as Santos Hernandez, Domingo Esteso, Antonio Emilio Pascual Viudes, and Modesto Borreguero (Enrique Garcia having previously left (more…)

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Tony Nobles 006 Acoustic and Exhibition Resonator

The Luthier's Art, Defined

Austin-area guitar builder/repairman Tony Nobles was, like everyone else in in high school wood shop class, needing an idea for something to build. Unimpressed with classmates’ ideas to construct various napkin holders, gun racks, and pipes, he ordered an acoustic (more…)

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Höfner Verythin Classic

Box For Any Occasion Höfner Verythin Classic

When most vintage instrument players and enthusiasts think of Höfner, visions spring to mind of the legendary Beatle bass, or maybe some stuffy jazz box. And indeed, Höfner today is something of a throwback – the kind of company you might (more…)

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Bryan Sutton – Not Too Far From The Tree


Imagine creating an album where you play duets with all of your guitar heroes. On Not Too Far From The Tree, Bryan Sutton does exactly that. Now, if you or I tried this we probably wouldn’t (more…)

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Richie Allen And The Pacific Surfers – The Rising Surf and Surfer’s Slide


Of all the bandwagons to infiltrate rock and roll, surf music would have to rank as one of the shortest lived but most widespread. I’m not talking about Dick Dale, the Belairs, the Surfaris, and the (more…)

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Tommy Castro

A Penchant for the Blues

Tommy Castro is known as a hard-working musician with a penchant for the blues. The rep is well-deserved. “One year we had 350 gigs,” Castro notes. But his attitude took awhile to develop. “I’ve been playing since I was (more…)

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James Burton and Ralph Mooney – Corn Pickin’ And Slick Slidin’


The first domestic CD release of this pickin’ fest from 1968 is cause for celebration. This all-instrumental outing featuring two of country’s greatest stylists – Tele maestro James Burton in his post-Ricky Nelson/pre-Elvis days, and pedal-steeler Ralph Mooney (more…)

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