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Dan Armstrong Design

The Pinnacle of Modern Design

This installment will focus on the famous Dan Armstrong line of guitars and basses. These instruments were introduced to the market in 1960 as the “Dan Armstrong See Through” Guitar and Bass. This line of instruments was distributed (more…)

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Big Time Sarah – A Million Of You


A 70-something sassy songstress, Big Time Sarah has been on the Chicago blues scene for over 25 years, and it’s obvious she can belt with the best of them. Of perhaps greater interest is the brilliant accompaniment of guitarist Rico McFarland. (more…)

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The Misadventures of Temple of Doom

Indiana Wright

The steel jaws of the trap had snapped shut. But events had spun so wildly out of control. And now, as Indiana Wright slipped from consciousness, he was not quite sure exactly who’d been caught. Soon, dense smoke mixed with the smell (more…)

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February 2002


FEATURES The Different Strummer Japanese Epiphone electric guitars Unique among American guitar brands, Epiphone was the first to make the transition from being American-made to becoming an import entity. Other brands would make this transition, but none quite so smoothly. By Michael Wright Jackie Lomax Liverpool to L.A. When the Beatles turned pop music upside-down, […]

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