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Monthly Archives: May 2001

Popa Chubby

Bowing to the Father Figures of Blues

People tend to notice when Ted Horowitz (a.k.a. Popa Chubby) sets foot onstage to tune up. They might not notice as he spins the volume knobs on his amps to 9. But when he strikes a chord, heads definitely turn. On a fine evening in California he plays a sunburst ’66 Strat, one of 40 […]

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Mick Ralphs

The Original is Still the Greatest

The only guitarist to appear on every Bad Company album is the redoubtable Mick Ralphs, whose on-the-money sledgemhammer riffs were already known by serious fans of rock guitar prior to the formation of the band in the mid ’70s. Ralphs was the original lead guitarist for the legendary British band Mott the Hoople, and his […]

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Mick Ralphs

The Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Countinues

The legendary Bad Company was born in 1973, when Mick Ralphs left Mott The Hoople and teamed up with ex-Free vocalist Paul Rodgers. Soon after, Free drummer Simon Kirke and King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell came aboard to complete the lineup. The group’s name was inspired by the ’72 film of the same name, directed […]

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Johnny Rivers

A conversation with..

There are perhaps a handful of guitar riffs so distinctive they become indelibly associated with an artist. For Johnny Rivers, the opening of “Secret Agent Man,” which he wrote with P.F. Sloan, insured his place among the greats of the guitar. Yet, it was just one of a string of ’60s hits in a decade […]

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Duke Robillard

Looking Forward to the Past

A new year, a new label, a new release, and if you look close enough you’ll see a recently-acquired endorsement from Gibson/Epiphone. Has the Duke “arrived?” You bet! He’s been arriving for two decades. Since the 1976 Rounder Records release of the first Roomful Of Blues effort, the Basie/Rushing-style “big band” he founded in Providence […]

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Marty Stuart

Too Country for Country

Let’s say you’ve been on the country music scene for around 30 years, even though you’re only in your early 40s. And let’s say you’ve served as an instrumentalist for several members of the Country Music Hall of Fame. And let’s say you’ve spent a large part of the late ’80s and ’90s selling millions […]

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Sylvain Sylvain

Finds his Subway Rhythm

Subway Rhythm is an apt name for Sylvain Sylvain’s music publishing company. The former New York Doll’s train of thought makes all the stops, a tendency he often acknowledges in mid sentence, “I’m trying to hit you with everything, a little bit. Sometimes, I kind of float around, but it’s only a natural thing.” Sylvain […]

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Walter Trout

The Reluctant Expatriate

Guitarist Walter Trout resides in California, but the acclaim for his ferocious, blues-based playing tends to resound from the right side of the North Atlantic. Trout’s albums and tours are so popular in England and Europe one might think he lives “over there.” In a BBC listeners’ poll, he’s even been rated higher than other, […]

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Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter

The Great Guitars of

Even the world’s greatest rock and roll showmen can’t monopolize the affections of the world’s youth without some help. Sorry, Alice Cooper. Sorry, Lou Reed. Yeah, they had help. Big time! Especially from Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter! Both Cooper and Reed enlisted hired-gun guitarists Wagner and Hunter to help sustain their creative zenith during […]

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Rick Dodge The Convertible

Zero to Different in 20 seconds!

We know what you’re thinking: “Ummm… Dodge convertible. If I could have one, I’d take a ’70 Challenger R/T, Hemi, four-speed, Plum Crazy finish!” Ah…yeah. That’d be nice, wouldn’t it? But this is a guitar mag, buddy, and when we talk Dodge Convertible, we’re talking a very purpose-oriented, versatile stringed instrument created and built by […]

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