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Brad Whitford

Aerosmith’s Master of Wicked Licks

Aerosmith’s 2011 Back On the Road tour was a two-month jaunt that consisted of 18 shows and took the band to places it had never been in Latin America before concluding in Japan. Normally, such a tour doesn’t create much hoopla, but this was different. The band hadn’t played there in seven years, but more […]

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Mark Knopfler


Very early in life, Mark Knopfler had a connection with music. His mother cared for the family while BBC programs like “Listen with Mother” played on the radio with its child-oriented stories, songs, and nursery rhymes. But it was an uncle named Kingsley who had the biggest impact on young Mark’s informal music education when […]

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Fender Intros Vintage Modified ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb


Fender’s Vintage Modified Series ’68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb pays tribute to the classic look of Fender’s late-’60s silverface amps. Both channels have reverb and tremolo, and the “custom” channel has a modified Bassman tone stack. The amp also has quicker gain onset (more…)

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Gretsch Releases G6112TCB-J Center Block


Gretsch’s Professional Collection G6112TCB-JR Center-Block LTD 2-Tone is a Nashville Junior model with a thinline body, chambered-spruce center block, and two-tone finish with a Jaguar Tan top and Copper Metallic back and sides. It has a 1¾”-deep single-cut three-ply maple body with (more…)

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EarthQuaker Devices Organizing Benefit Auction


Effects builder EarthQuaker Devices is organizing the “Auction for Andy” to raise money for the wife and three-year-old son of Andrew Richardson, who died September 1. Richardson was the sales manager/operations at the Minneapolis-based Z Vex Effects, and a respected musician on the city’s music scene (more…)

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Siegmund Introduces Sound King 300B


Siegmund Guitars & Amplifiers’ Sound King 300B is a Class A guitar amp with 25 watts output using 300B output tubes and 6SL7/6SN7 preamp tubes. Its circuit has true-bypass reverb, EQ bypass, Mercury Magnetics transformers, low-impedance effects loop, Spraque TVA filters, Vitamin Q paper/oil (more…)

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Scott Walker Guitars Offers The Electro


Scott Walker Guitars’ The Electro is hand-built in California using an alder body, maple neck, and Walker’s signature “Nodal” neck joint, which extends the tenon to the bridge cavity, allowing the neck to be bolted on at a nodal point. It also uses a machined, (more…)

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ZZ Top, Jeff Beck Set New Dates for Postponed Shows


ZZ Top has announced that it will resume touring early next year after a delay to allow bassist Dusty Hill to recuperate from a hip injury. The band has also rescheduled several dates with Jeff Beck in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma that were affected by Hill’s injury and will now happen (more…)

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Off Stage Offers BodyDouble Guitar Surround


Off Stage Products’ BodyDouble is an ABS polymer shell that protects the body of a Gibson or Epiphone Les Paul while also allowing the guitar to sit higher on a player’s lap, for a more-stable playing position when seated. It has a 15″ bout (more…)

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Larry Alan Guitars Offers The Harlot Drive Pedal


Larry Alan Guitars’ The Harlot drive pedal uses a discreet transistor circuit wired for true-bypass operation. It has controls for Level and Gain, and uses polyfilm capacitors, metal film resistors, and Nuetrik connectors. It operates on a 9-volt battery or with a 9/18-volt DC adapter. (more…)

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