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Michael Kelly Brand Returns to Founder


Tracy Hoeft, founder of Michael Kelly Guitars, has reacquired the brand from Hanser Music Group. Hoeft established the brand in 1999 and it became known for its fancy guitars as well as f-style mandolins and acoustic basses. In 2004, it was acquired by Hanser, which expanded its model offerings and market. “I am incredibly excited to get […]

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Johnny Marr

Brit Gets a Git

When pop-music fans in the U.K. talk about guitar heroes, they tend to put more stake in the way a player’s work fits, contextually, into that of his band. To wit, in a 2006 poll, BBC listeners were asked to choose the best guitarist to emerge since 1980, and many of the 30,000 who responded […]

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Visual Sound is Now Truetone; Offers First Pedal


Visual Sound, the effects and accessories company based in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is changing its name to Truetone. “The original name of the company was derived from the first product I invented – the Visual Volume pedal we launched at the beginning of 1995,” said Bob Weil, president (more…)

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ThroBak Electronics Offers DS-55 Double Slug Pickup


ThroBak Electronics’ DS-55 Double Slug humbucker pickup uses 42-gauge plain-enamel wire, the company’s Maximum Vintage butyrate bobbins, short-leg nickel silver baseplates, PAF-style/no-hole covers with nickel-silver finish, vintage alloy pole slugs, and Alnico III and Alnico IV M-55 custom magnets. The pickups and all materials are (more…)

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Andrews Amplification Introduces Spectraverb Combos


Andrews Amplification is now offering its Spectraverb amps as a stand-alone head as well as 2×10 and 2×12 combos. They are hand-wired on heavy-duty turret boards and use pine or birch plywood cabinets, U.S.-made transformers, tube-driven reverb with limiter, external bias test points and adjustment, 4-/8-/16-ohm (more…)

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Levy’s Introduces MGJ2 Straps


Levy’s Leathers’ MGJ2 straps are vibrantly textured with jacquard with super-soft lining with a tucked edge, leather backing, and tri-glide adjustment to 56″. Learn more at www.LevysLeathers.com. (more…)

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Bare Knuckle Offers Guitar Strap


The Bare Knuckle guitar strap is hand-crafted from high-grade leather. Available in 2″ or 3″ widths, it has a three-slot plectrum pocket situated for easy access and a cable-tidy loop at the bottom, designed to keep the cable away from the guitar and out of (more…)

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PureSalem Intros Gordo Model


PureSalem Guitars’ Gordo has a semi-hollow mahogany body, mahogany neck with binding, rosewood fretboard with block inlays, 24.75″ scale, Grover tuners, Bigsby vibrato, two custom-wound pickups, a three-way pickup selector toggle, and separate controls for Volume and Tone for each pickup. Learn more at www.puresalemguitars.com. (more…)

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Celestial Effects Offers Aries Beast Distortion


The Celestial Effects Aries Beast Distortion stacks two gain stages in cascade or series mode. Its Gain control adjusts the first opamp gain stage, which does not utilize clipping diodes, while its Drive stage incorporates asymmetrical MOSFET clipping diodes, which give a tighter, more-compressed (more…)

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Jorgen Ingmann Passes


Jorgen Ingman, the Danish jazz and pop guitarist who scored an international hit in 1961 with a version of The Shadows instrumental “Apache,” died March 21. He was 89. Ingman’s first performances on guitar were with the jazz group Swe-Danes in the 1940s and early ’50s. Influenced by Les Paul, he later set up a studio where […]

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