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Overture JS-Session

Do-It-All Guitar?

Overture JS-Session Price: $ 1,499. Info: overtureguitars.com When designing a new guitar, builders often face a quandary. Some go to extremes to be original, while others tend to “re-create” the same ol’ thing. The Overture Guitars JS-Session is a departure; not a simple reissue or copy, (more…)

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Guild Standard Series Acoustics

Legacy, Cont’d?

Guild Standard Series Acoustics (LEFT TO RIGHT) Price: $2,499 retail/$1,799.99 street (F-30); $2,699 retail/$1999.99 street (F-30R); $2,799 retail/$2099.99 street (F-50). Price: $2,499 retail/$1,799.99 street (D-40); $2,799 retail/$1,999.99 street (D-50); Contact: guildguitars.com. Founded by a jazz guitarist as jazz-box builder, the Guild company also built a (more…)

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Burns Steer Cutaway

The Burns Steer Cutaway

The story of the Burns Steer Cutaway begins in 1925 with the birth of the “British Leo Fender,” James Ormston Burns. An avid guitar player beginning in his early teens, at 18 he joined the Royal Air Force and learned metalworking. In (more…)

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