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Gibson Goldtops

Molten Mojo, Head-To-Head Vintage Versus Reissue

Gibson goldtops from 1956, ’53, ’98, and ’03, along with a 1955 Fender Deluxe, a ’56 Pro, and a ’50s Bassman. All photos: Kerry Beyer. In the good ol’ days of 1952, jazzmeister Les Paul strutted to the center of the world’s stage and proudly (more…)

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Valco ‘Thunder stick’


Photo: Kerry Beyer Put your gut money on a dark horse every so often, and you might find the rest of the regurgitating bandwagon world awash in your taillights. Every sublime guitar collection needs an old juke joint under-the-radar flamethrower, and the “Thunderstick” delivers the (more…)

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