Tab Benoit – Live: Swampland Jam

Live: Swampland Jam

I was familiar with Benoit (pronounced Ben-wah) from a killer blues tune called “Nice and Warm” a few years back. The Louisiana guitarist recorded this, his fourth album, live in a couple of spots in that state.

The lead cut, “Let Love take Control,” showcases his strong points. He’s a wonderful player who can blend lead and rhythm playing wonderfully. He also favors “sweet” bends, la Duane Allman at times, and they fit the menu here perfectly. That said, it should be noted his sound is not a big, full sound like the Allmans, but a choked Tele sound that fits that chunky lead/rhythm style perfectly.

Highlights include the funky blues of “Ain’t Gonna Do It,” the zydeco of “Hot Tamale Baby,” the country-blues of “Moon Coming Over the Hill” with its deft fingerstyle pickin’, and a nice cover of Albert Collins’ “Too Many Dirty Dishes.” Recommended for blues lovers.

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