The Kids Are Alright


Proof that us kids can have a good collection too. Guitars courtesy Will Hansen and Kai Boggild.

Top Row:

’78 Ibanez PF-300, ’00’s Epiphone Les Paul Standard, ’08 First Act PW-580

Center Row:
’07 Parker Fly Deluxe, ’90s Washburn N2, ’06’ PRS SE Custom, ’08 Partocaster Strat, ’00’s DiStefano USA Strat, ’05 Squier Standard Strat, ’98 Squier Affinity Strat.

Front Row:
’97 Yamaha Guitalele, ’90’s Bravo 1/2 size acoustic

Hidden between the chairs:
’70’s Guild D-25, ’58 Silvertone Archtop, ’98 Simon & Patrick SP6 Cedar, ’08 Larrivee L-03 Standard.

ax fever!
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