Basses Loaded


On floor (L-r): 1950’s Framus Triumph Upright, 2010 Epiphone Korina Explorer Bass Reissue, 1996 Stuart Spector BOB-5 #024 (signed by SS), 1997 Gibson LP 5 String, 2007 Gretsch Billy-Bo, 1994 Fender ’51 P Bass Resissue. In Back (L-R) “FrankenFender”1970’s Ash P Bass body with 1970’s Jazz 5 string neck (the “workhorse”), 2009 Squier Classic Vibe 50’s P Bass in Lake Placid Blue, 2010 Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass in tabaco sunburst, Fender MIM 5 string Jazz bass in wine, lying down: Ministar Bass Start 5 travel bass. I use all of these on a regular basis for live gigs or recording. Not in picture(wouldn’t fit in pic): Dean Pace 5 string upright, Dean Metalman, 1963 Ampeg Big-M, 1997 Ampeg SVT 400T w/HLF 4×10 cab, 1999 Ampeg B-3, 2009 Ampeg BA300, 1967 Fender Bassman (“Blackface) Head.

Triangle of Tone
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