3rd Power Set to Unveil Dream Solo Series


3rd Power Dream Solo Series amps3rd Power Amplification’s new Dream Solo Series consists of four hand-wired/made in the U.S.A. single-channel tube heads and 1×12 combos based on its American Dream and British Dream amps. Dream Solo 1 is based on the Brownface channel of the American Dream, with its mid-bump voicing. Controls include Volume, Tone, Presence, and a Bright switch. Dream Solo 2 is based on the Blackface channel of the American Dream, with mid-scoop voicing. Controls include Volume, Bass, Treble, Presence and a Bright switch. The Dream Solo 3 is based on the ’59 AC channel of the British Dream, with an EF86 preamp pentode for British-inspired tones. Controls include Volume, three-position Brilliance Switch, Top Cut, and Presence. Dream Solo 4 is based on the ’68 Plexi channel of the British Dream. Controls include Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Presence. Each Dream Solo has an insert-style effects loop and power section consisting of a fixed-bias 6V6 duet paired with a custom-voiced Heyboer output transformer feeding signal to a Celestion G12H 70th Anniversary speaker. Power output is 20 watts. 3rd Power’s HybridMaster volume management, which allows the guitarist to separately control the listening levels independent of the tone of the amplifier.

The amps are also being used to introduce 3rd Power’s Flex Cab technology, which uses a deflection panel that works to create a triangular speaker chamber similar. With the company’s triangular back-panel port and proprietary acoustic treatment, it says the cabs deliver a wider, fuller frequency response than typical rectangle enclosures. It eliminates standing waves inherent in traditional cab designs. Dream Solo enclosuers are constructed with Baltic Birch. Learn more at 3rdpower.com/.

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