Morley Releases Twin Mix ABY Box


Morley’s new Twin Mix  is a handy switching device that allows a user to route two input devices to two output sources. Each input has an independent Level control for the perfect mix of both inputs. Each input has its own footswitch to engage or mute the signal. When using only channel 1 output, the Twin Mix combines both input sources to channel 1 output destination. When using both Morley Twin Mixchannel outputs, each is automatically routed to its own output channel (channel 1 input goes to channel 1 output, channel 2 input goes to channel 2 output).

The Twin Mix is manufactured in a rolled-steel housing and can be powered from one 9-volt battery or Morley 9V adapter. It uses LED indication and our TrueTone Bypass buffer circuit to maintain signal integrity. Learn more at

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