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James “Blood” Ulmer

James "Blood" UlmerSometimes called a “modern bluesman,” James “Blood” Ulmer covers ground from Hendrix to Ornette Coleman to John Lee Hooker. His music is never dull; always a bit challenging, it’s also fun.

His new disc starts with the menacing boogie of “No Man’s Land” and its growled, anti-war lyric highlighted by frantic, stabbing leads. Things change with “A Thing For Joe,” a free-form jazz tune with punchy solos and chromatic runs. Mid-way, Ulmer breaks into a swinging flute solo!

“Eviction” is a whimsical jazz tune, tightly arranged, but with the loose feel that is his style. “Baby Talk” is a pop/funk concoction with percolating guitar and fine wah, while “Maya” is a soul tune with a lovely guitar line and an oddly sweet free-form solo out. For sheer jazz chops, check out the swinging jazz/blues of the closer, “Backbiter.”

The band follows Ulmer perfectly, wherever he goes – Mark Peterson (bass) and Aubrey Dayle (drums) keep things sounding familiar through the twists and turns.

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