Xotic Effects RC Booster Reissue

Return of A Legend
Price: $172

Twenty years ago, Xotic Effects unleashed its iconic RC Booster. With variable Gain, EQ, and Volume controls, it was a mainstay on pedalboards the world over for players seeking top-shelf transparent boost tones. To celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, it just released an updated version of that classic.

While Xotic has produced more-elaborate versions of the RC, many guitarists have a soft spot for the original. Versatile, transparent, and edgy, the active Treble, Bass, Gain, and Volume controls of the reissue produce all the best features. With up to 20dB of Volume boost and +/-15dB of treble and bass, the RC Reissue offers a range of textures to push a rig into low-gain ecstasy. True-bypass switching takes it out of the signal path when disengaged, and it’s powered by a 9-volt battery or 9-/18-volt AC adapter with a new top-mounted input.

The RC Booster Reissue shines in its ability to sculpt volume, sustain, and overtones without coloring overall sound or changing the personality of a rig. It’s also great for stacking – pushing overdrive pedals to greater glory with nuanced transparency and dynamics. It’s one of those pedals most players will “leave on.”

This article originally appeared in VG’s February 2023 issue. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited.

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