ABB Returns to the Beacon

The Allman Brothers Band will return to the Beacon Theatre in New York City to perform eight shows beginning March 10 and continuing through March 19.

"No band is as closely associated with one single venue as the Allman Brothers have been with The Beacon Theatre," said Jay Marciano, president, Madison Square Garden Entertainment. "The Beacon is their home. For more than 40 years, The Allman Brothers Band has epitomized the best in rock n’roll. They are undoubtedly one of the greatest live performers of our day and have the most loyal and devoted fans around. When they take the stage at The Beacon, something electrifying happens that is experienced by both the band and their fans. We are thrilled for their return and look forward to eight extraordinary nights of music."

"We are thrilled to return to The Beacon," said Gregg Allman. "It’s our New York home and truly where we belong. We have the most dedicated and loyal fans and know that they will be happy to have us back home."

"It will be great to see the band back where they belong," said Kevin Morrow, president, New York Live Nation.

The Allman Brothers Band are musical pioneers that have forever defined the genre of jazz-influenced, free-form rock since 1969. The band’s first concert at the Beacon Theatre was held in 1989 and since that time it has been a long-standing tradition and annual rite of Spring for their loyal fans to attend the ‘The Beacon Run.’

In 2009, The Allman Brothers Band celebrated their 40th anniversary at The Beacon with a 15-night run. The shows were dedicated to Duane Allman and attracted guests including Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Trey Anastasio, Billy Gibbons, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh. The run’s final performance marked the Allman Brothers 188th show at The Beacon, holding the record for most performances by a band or artist at the venue.