Gig Fx Intros Frampton Wah


The Gig-fx Peter Frampton Signature Megawah is an all-analog pedal with four settings actuated by a selector switch – a classic wah sound called Cry, the Megawah sound with a deep bass response for funkier quacking and more expressive wailing, a funky envelope wah with adjustable trigger sensitivity, and an auto-wah with adjustable rate. Four great effects in one pedal with superb analog tones.

The Frampton Megawah uses optical control and is bypassed when the pedal is all the way back and switches on noiselessly when the pedal is pressed forward. The pedal also features a user-adjustable off-delay so the effect does not turn off inadvertently when rocking the pedal.

The pedal uses Gig-Fx "Better than true bypass" circuitry, which the company says preserves guitar signals through cables better than a true bypass. For more, go to

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