Lick Library Releases Hank Marvin DVDs

Lick Library is offering a new collection of guitar tutorial DVD sets demonstrating how to get the sound of Hank Marvin and The Shadows. Lee Hodgson, a studio musician and stage performer, conducts the lessons.

The Shadows were pioneers of the four-member rock-group format (consisting of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums) in the UK. Their playing had a rhythmic bite and variety of tone which is distinctly their own. Hank Marvin has an individual guitar sound and appearance, primarily using a clean sound with very distinctive echo and vibrato giving a dreamy effect. His expressive use of the tremolo arm has made him one of the most distinctive guitarists ever

<em>Learn to Play Hank Marvin</em> breaks into manageable pieces five classic Shadows tracks; "Apache", "Wonderful Land", "F.B.I.", "Man Of Mystery and Guitar Tango". Lee takes you through these tracks at three different tempos; Dead Slow – so you can learn the notes; Medium Tempo- to help you practice, then Up To Tempo – so you can play along to the backing track. He covers topics like scales, muting and single and twin note walk ups whilst sharing with you clever tricks to help you remember the phrases and rhythms he is teaching you such as little rhymes and use of a metronome.

<em>Learn to Play Hank Marvin</em> is a double-DVD looking at the five more classic tracks: "Geronimo", "Kon Tiki", "Riders in the Sky", "Sleepwalk" and "Foot Tapper". Lee’s through, careful, clear explanations and demonstrations will soon have you performing in the same melodic way as Hank Marvin. Lee shares with you the version of the track he his teaching you the chords and use of reverdb and vibrato techniques, so you can go and listen to the original, then explores variations you can use to make these tunes your own.

<em>Learn to Play Cliff Richard and The Shadows</em> takes you through, note for note, five tracks: "The Young Ones", "Fall In Love With You", "Living Doll", "Dance On", "Please Don’t Tease". Lick Library’s characteristic split screen ensures that you can see what Lee is doing with both hands while he is teaching you how to perform these enduring songs.

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