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Alluring Accessories
Alluring Accessories

The RockSlide Guitar Slide is the creation of Mark Morse, a guitarist who wanted more from a guitar slide. Morse found most conventional slides uncomfortable because they’d pinch the fleshy part of his finger when he’d bend his hand into playing position. That frustration led to experimentation with the shape of the slide and research on commonly used materials.

What makes the RockSlide different is the way it’s shaped. The angled opening on one side of the slide is cut away to reduce pinching of your hand and finger. The inside of the slide is shaped to provide a better fit, so it will stay in place more snugly. The top (where the finger sticks out) is thicker and heavier. In addition, the flat surface on the opposite exterior end provides a comfortable rest between the slide finger and its neighbor.

Depending on the dimensions of your fingers, the pinky and ring slides may fit on the top part of your finger, or all the way down to the base of your hand. It can be used either way, and the snug fit will provide better control. Two sizes are currently available – one for ring and pinky fingers, and another for middle fingers. The RockSlide is available in solid brass and chrome-plated.

For a test run, we raised the action on our trusty Les Paul just a bit (it was fairly low), and checked out both models. Since my hands are small, the slides fit over my fingers (as typical slides are intended to fit). The angled and beveled edges certainly did provide better comfort, and helped hold the slide in position, so it was easier to control. The ring/pinky slide fit on my ring finger up to the knuckle, so I was able to use it more like a ring slide. It also stayed in place comfortably. Part of the reason I’m not a better slide player is I was never able to find any slides that fit comfortably. Fortunately, with the growing selection of accessories available today, I’ve found a few, like the RockSlide, that are encouraging me to improve.

The RockSlide is becoming easier to locate in music shops. If your favorite dealer doesn’t have it, have them check out the company’s website.

RockSlide Guitar Slides

Type Of Accessories: Solid brass slides for ring and pinky fingers, and middle finger

Features: Custom-contoured for comfort and better control

Price: Solid Brass Pinky & Ring Slides $14,99; Chrome Plated Pinky & Ring Slides $15.99; Chrome Plated or Brass Middle Finger Slides $17.99

Contact: RockSlide Guitar Slides, Rock City Music, 635 W. Garland, Spokane, WA 99205, (509) 327-4503, fax (509) 327-2966, Website:, Email:

This review originally appeared in VG‘s Dec. ’00 issue.

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