Peter Case – Who’s Gonna Go Your Crooked Mile? Selected Tracks

Who's Gonna Go Your Crooked Mile? Selected Tracks

Peter Case is one of those “folky” types who deserve more than a trite description. Yes, he plays acoustic guitar, occasional harmonica, and writes great songs. But he shows a background that encompasses rock and soul, too. This compilation of his work on Vanguard puts that element in the spotlight.

“Crooked Mile” is the perfect example of his versatility. It’s the only live cut here. Stunning country-blues with great playing and vocals. “Two Heroes” is a rocker with a New Orleans feel and a great lyric. “Coulda Shoulda Woulda” is a country stomper whose lyric invokes James Brown in a very cool way. “Something’s Coming” is a funky acoustic tune with amazing dobro from the incomparable Greg Leisz, who appears on several songs.

All but two songs appeared on Case’s past Vanguard albums, so it’s a good way to catch up if you haven’t been listening. Two new cuts address recent events; “Wake Up Call” is a rocker with crunchy guitars that addresses Iraq. And “My Generation’s Golden Handcuff Blues” is an extremely clever take on today’s business world (and as you’d expect, there are Who quotes). This one’s a good way to catch up with a fine singer/songwriter.

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