July 2002



The World’s Greatest Guitar Factory?
Gibson Kalamazoo There is but one guitar factory that has produced more classic vintage guitars than any other. By Gil Hembree

The Different Strummer
Stratospheric Variations, Part II First cousin of the Stratocaster, the “Superstrat” represents an interesting subtheme in the exploration of guitar archetypes. By Michael Wright

Vinnie Moore
Between Then and Now His debut album put him among the elite shredders of the ’80s. Now he focuses on songwriting, proving there’s more to Moore than just lightning chops! By Lisa Sharken

Jeff Watson
Ranger, Lone and Otherwise Best known as one of two powerhouse lead guitarists in Night Ranger, he uses some great guitars to evoke dynamic sounds. By Willie G. Moseley

Rick Nielsen
Vintage Phenomenon Forefather Considered one of the founders of the vintage collecting phenomenon, he has long been a sage among those with an interest in classic fretted instruments. By Willie G. Moseley

Kat Dyson
A Reason to Celebrate Her style crosses musical ground from knockout solos to tasty slide work and intricate chordal colors – all conveyed with unabashed authority. By Jim LaDiana

Found! Barrios’ Lost Ramirez
Integral piece of guitar history Hidden from public view since 1935, when Modesto J. Ipar gave it to Heber Rico-Monteverde, it resurfaced in February of 2002. By R.E. Bruné

W.G. “Snuffy” Walden
His Own Soundtrack The Emmy-nominated composer of well-known TV theme music including “Thirtysomething” and “The Drew Carey Show” is one of the busiest studio guys on the scene today. By Tom Guerra

Guitar Center
Built Around Passion CEO Larry Thomas’ work helped define “big-box” music stores. But long before the term existed, he appreciated the magic of the guitar, and strives to improve the shopping experience for guitar buyers. By Gil Hembree


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Executive Rock
Nightline Hits Close to Home
By Willie G. Moseley

Q&A With George Gruhn
The Fragile Firebird Headstock
Big D, Little Me
By Steven Stone

Jeff Beck w/the Yardbirds
By Wolf Marshall

Little Things
Spring Cleaning
By Lisa Sharken

The GIT Trip
By Riley Wilson


Guitar Shop
Test Run on the Stew-Mac Dreadnaught
By Tony Nobles

Selecting an Amplifier
By Gerald Weber

Pickup Questions
By Seymour Duncan

Ask Gerald
By Gerald Weber


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Carvin Red Line bass amps, Brian Moore i2p, Zinky True Grit, Visual Sound pedals

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