Steve Khan – Got My Mental

Got My Mental

Khan’s been around for awhile. He’s made some great albums as a solo artist, dating back to the ’70s. He also served in Billy Joel’s band in the late ’70s, and has done some great studio work, like his solo work on Steely Dan’s “Glamour Profession.”

This album is a fine addition to his catalog. There are killer versions of tunes by the likes of Wayne Shorter, Ornette Coleman, Lee Morgan, Eddie Harris and some great takes on standards too. His playing is always tasteful, with great chordal work resting alongside his fine soloing. He’s a very patient player. By that I mean he’s capable of astonishing technical feats, but always builds his solos very eloquently.

There are great ballads (“The Last Dance,” co-written by his father, the legendary Sammy Cahn), cooking bop, and some very cool Latin-tinged pieces. The supporting cast is good, too, and features John Patitucci on acoustic bass and Jack Dejohnette on drums.

This review originally appeared in VG‘s March ’98 issue.

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