Musicwood, Documentary on Endangered Old-Growth Forests, Set to Screen


Musicwood set for screenings.A documentary film titled Musicwood, which follows guitarmakers Bob Taylor (Taylor Guitars), Chris Martin (Martin Guitars), and Dave Berryman (Gibson) as they venture into the Alaskan rainforest on a mission to protect the Sitka spruce tree, is set for screening at music festivals this summer. Used in the creation of quality acoustic guitars, old-growth Sitka spruce trees are disappearing, the filmmaker says, at an alarming rate as loggers clear-cut strips of the Tongass National Forest.

Set against the rugged scenery of southeast Alaska and with a soundtrack featuring music by Yo La Tengo, Kaki King, Steve Earle, and more, the film reveals the clash between the Native American loggers, corporate CEOs, and the environmental group Greenpeace. For a list of screening dates, visit:

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