T-Rex Intros Alberta II Dual Overdrive, Fuel Tank Goliath


T-Rex Alberta-IIThe T-Rex Effects Alberta II Dual Overdrive lets the user set two drive tones while staying true to the sound, practicality, and size of the original. Channel 2 has a slightly more-open, punchy sound, for a little more pick-attack and push, but with the same voice as Channel 1. An added Fat switch for each channel provides low-end boost.

T-Rex Fuel Tank GoliathT-Rex Effects’ Fuel Tank Goliath has seven isolated outlets and the ability to handle 9-, 12- and 18-volt DC pedals. Each of its five standard outlets delivers 450mA of switchable 9- or 12- volt power, and it has an 18-volt DC/250mA and 12-volt/450mA AC outlet. It also has a 115/230 voltage selector, making it compatible overseas. Visit www.t-rex-effects.com

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