Mitch Colby Launches Amp Company


Mitch Colby launches amp company.Amplifier aficionado and industry veteran Mitch Colby has teamed with guitarist Jim Weider to launch a new line of amplifiers bearing Colby’s name. A collector, gear expert, and technician, Colby spent 30 years helping guide Vox and Marshall, and says his new amps are the result of his “lifelong pursuit of the (ideal amp)… aesthetically, structurally, feature-set-wise, and of course, tonally.”

Colby Amps’ first two offerings are the dual-channel dtb (Dual Tone Booster) heads, the 50-watt dtb50 and 85-watt dtb100, along with matching speaker cabinets. The amps have an all-tube/hand-wired signal path and full feature set. Both have two channels, each with its own dedicated tone controls. Colby and Weider sourced select components including resistors, capacitors, transformers, chassis, and tubes. Weider’s involvement was so crucial that Colby had him put his signature on the back of each. Learn more at

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