Andrews Amplification Releases Para-Dyne Amps


PD Amp GroupAndrews Amplification introduces the Para-Dyne 20 and the Para-Dyne 50. The Para-Dyne name signifies the two channels of extremely dynamic tone produced by these amps. The new amps deliver a smooth, touch sensitive response and complex warm harmonics.

Both amps are available in heads and 1X12 combos, with 2X12 combos coming soon. All have heavy-duty Baltic birch cabinets and are hand-wired on heavy-duty turret boards in the USA. Other features include: a six-position depth switch and three-position bright switch; a two-channel, foot-switchable design; gain and master volume controls for the lead channel; external bias test points and adjustments for easy tube changes; custom wound USA transformers; and optional series effects loop with true bypass. Each amp comes with a five-year limited warranty.



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