Online Digital Issue FAQs

Vintage Guitar Digital Back Issue Archives

Subscribers to VG enjoy access to the magazine’s online digital archive of every complete issue going back to December 2012.

That’s over 100 complete issues. Catch up with your favorite artists and discover new ones, hone your chops with “Fretprints,” start those repair projects, find hundreds of albums to check, and soak up all the wonderful guitars and gear offered by VG’s advertisers. All in full color on any device.

Go to to get started.

How To Access VG’s Streaming Archives

You will use your email (which we need to have in the system) and a password (which we will send you) to have unlimited access.

We already have emails for many of you. If you are sure VG has your email, go to Step A. If you know we don’t, see Step C to get started. If you are unsure if VG has your email, see D.

A. Current VG Subscribers WITH an E-mail on file

  1. Go to and click “Login Here.”
  2. Click on “Forgot Password.”
  3. Enter the email VG has for you and click “Email Password.” Your new password will be sent to the email address you entered. If you recently updated your VG password (very few of you), that may be the password
  4. Click on “Return to Login” and enter your email and the new password sent to you in the boxes marked as such. And click “Login.” For ease of future access to VG Back Issues, you may want your device to remember the login.
  5. Go to and begin enjoying years of VG’s great back issues!

B. If you currently have a Digital VG subscription through itunes, please CLICK HERE

C. Current VG Subscribers WITHOUT an E-mail on file
If VG does not have your email on file, we will have to manually set you up. Start by
Vintage Guitar magazine Issue Label with Renew Code

  1. Email Martina at and provide her your name and the 6-digit Renew Code that is printed above your name on your VG magazine address label.
  2. Martina will reply to you with an email confirming she has entered your email address in the system. Keep in mind she will only respond doing our regular weekday hours, so it could take a couple days.
  3. Once she confirms, you can then set up your unlimited access to VG’s Streaming Archives by following the steps in A above.

D. If you are UNSURE whether or not VG has your email on file.

  1. Do the first three steps in A above.
  2. If VG has your email on file, you will receive the mentioned email in a few minutes. If you do get the email, simply continue on with the rest of the steps in A.
  3. If you don’t receive the email in a few minutes, that means VG does not have your email on file. Then you need to follow the steps in B above.

*To change the complicated password we gave you to something you can remember, go to our subscription portal HERE.

*For future ease of access to VG’s Streaming Archives, please bookmark the page on your device.

*When your subscription expires so does your access to VG Archives, so be sure to renew.


Starting April 1st, 2019, Vintage Guitar will no longer add new digital issues of the magazine to our app. You will still be able to view issues you have already received on the app, but we will not be adding new issues to it. Future issues will still be viewable on most devices, but will be streaming exclusively via a web browser.

You will be able to view the digital Price Guide and any magazine issues you have already received on the VG app until January 2020. If you want to maintain your current VG digital products past that date, please download them to the app on your mobile device.

Learn more about our new streaming service at the top of the page and how to connect to it.

Access Using Nxtbook and App (Effective until January, 1st 2020)

We apologize for any inconvenience you’re experiencing with the online digital issue of VG. We hope this list of frequently asked questions will address the issue. If your question isn’t addressed here, please fill out a product support form, view our feedback forum, Or send us an email.