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G.L. Stiles Solidbody


Every once in awhile, a guitar comes out of left field. In the case of this solidbody electric labeled “Lee Stiles,” the throw came from West Virginia by way of Miami! It was in many ways primitive, but at the same time it was also clearly (more…)

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Koch Twintone

Bantam Tough-Guy

The Twintone is the Netherlands-based Koch Guitar Electronics company’s mid-sized guitar amp, a 1×12″ combo that, like the entire Koch line, uses top-quality components including cold-lacquered transformers, fiberglas-reinforced PC boards, and heavy duty potentiometers. The Twintone’s all-tube circuit features a matched pair of Ruby EL34s (more…)

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Tim Bogert

Then and Now with Vanilla Fudge

Innovative bassist Tim Bogert first graced the pages of Vintage Guitar in June, 1993. At the time, the veteran of Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and Beck, Bogert & Appice (amongst other aggregations) had settled in as an (more…)

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La Guitara – Gender Bending Strings Anthology of Women Guitaris


When I was young and someone said “You play like a chick guitar player,” they’d be either smiling or ducking. After hearing this anthology, it could only be construed as a compliment. Produced by Patty (more…)

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Darol Anger/Mike Marshall – The Duo


Darol Anger and Mike Marshall’s 1983 The Duo marks another acoustic-music first – a violin-mandolin duet. Joined by Rob Wasserman on acoustic bass for one cut, The Duo is just that – two guys playing for the pure joy of it. Their version of (more…)

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The Steepwater Band – Revelation Sunday


The Steepwater Band’s 2004 release, Dharmakaya, was a very strong effort, and this is an equally strong followup. The band is a modern version of the classic rock trio many grew up loving. The boys also grew up on those bands, and their own (more…)

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Jim Hall – Magic Meeting


This CD finds the legendary Hall in a live trio setting recorded at the Village Vanguard in ’04. The trio is Hall, Scott Colley on bass, and Lewis Nash on drums, and there are two things you notice right away: one is how good (more…)

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Jefferson Airplane – The Essential Jefferson Airplane


Jefferson Airplane released eight studio albums between 1966 and ’72, then culled a live curtain call from its final tour before morphing into Jefferson Starship. Since then, there have been at least twice that many anthologies and compilations of the (more…)

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Supro Resophonic FolkStar


Fiberglass. In 1961, it was a space-age material; lightweight, easy to mold, and super strong, it could be used for just about anything. Back then, neighborhood kids who liked guitars would hang out and listen to The Ventures’ Another Smash!!! while someone’s dad built a (more…)

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Danelectro 56 Pro

More Solid Vibe

Just a couple of years ago, music stores were having a hard time selling a new Danelectro guitar – the Dano reissue craze had run its course and dealers were selling them at cost. Then, Danelectro quit making guitars, opting to run (more…)

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