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Ernie Ball Earthwood


Way before “unplugged” became a popular way to play music and fretted acoustic bass guitar (ABG) models began appearing from so many manufacturers and independent luthiers, Ernie Ball bought a Mexican guitarron and gave it frets. Unable to interest manufacturers in the (more…)

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Carl Martin Vintage Series Pedals

More Effect, Less Coin

If you’re the type of hardcore gear geek who spends as much time evaluating guitarists based on what’s in their hands, rigs, and pedalboards as you do actually listening to what they’re playing, then you’ve probably noticed that a lot (more…)

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Elvin Bishop – Gettin’ My Groove Back


Elvin Bishop has suffered tragedy in recent years and it understandably shows on a couple of cuts here. “What the Hell is Going On” is a boogie that roars about everything going on in the world. “Come On Blues” is (more…)

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J. Howard Foote Parlor guitar


P.T. Barnum probably didn’t coin the classic modern truism “There’s a sucker born every minute,” even though it does fit well with the Barnum legacy! Most of us know Barnum because of his traveling circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, later the Barnum & (more…)

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Donovan – Try For The Sun: The Journey Of Donovan


Donovan Leitch rose from Dylan wannabe to the flower-power embodiment of all things peace and love. He sometimes appeared to be more a hanger-on than his own artist – the wide-eyed clone (more…)

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George Benson – The Essential George Benson


Sony/BMG’s Legacy division has released single- and double-CD retrospectives on everyone from Igor Stravinsky to Earl Scruggs as part of its “Essential” series. It has spanned 50-plus years, surveying giants like Dave Brubeck, and released such dubious titles as The (more…)

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Paul Curreri – Are You Going to Paul Curreri


Those familiar with Curreri might be surprised to hear this live trio effort, where he plays his Fender Tele through the entire set! That’s certainly not a bad thing, as his style translates well and his playing (more…)

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Tony Bennet – Cloud 7


Because of its warmth and range, jazz guitar (in the right hands) is perfectly suited to accompanying vocalists singing standards in intimate settings – sometimes requiring no other instruments at all. The best-known example of this combination is Barney Kessel’s work backing Julie London (with (more…)

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1973 Hayman 3030H


If England has a Leo Fender, his name is James Ormston Burns. Like Fender, Burns was a seminal influence on electric guitar design in the U.K., creating the guitars played by Hank Marvin and the Shadows, the British equivalent of the Ventures. The (more…)

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March 2007


FEATURES KEITH URBAN Down-Under Über-Picker The super-talented artist not only writes hit songs, gathers accolades, and recently married a movie star, he’s also a straight-up hellacious guitar picker and gear lover of the highest order! By Zac Childs AMP-O-RAMA The Vox AC15 Designed by Dick Denney in 1957, the little Vox AC15 is appreciated by […]

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