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November 2006


FEATURES TOM PETTY & MIKE CAMPBELL Guitars at Heart for 30 Years Through 30 years and 50 million records, their guitar-inspired music has never pandered to fans, managers, or record labels. And their guitar collection includes some of the most-heard instruments in rock. By Ward Meeker JEREMY SPENCER Return of Fleetwood Mac’s Original Slide Master […]

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B.C. Rich Eagle Supreme, Bich 10 Supreme

For the Metalhead in All of Us

From the Mockingbird to the Bich and the Eagle, since the 1970s, B.C. Rich guitars have been seducing players (and fans!) with their over-the-top looks and sexy body shapes. Loaded with an unmistakable hard rock (more…)

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G&L S-500 Deluxe

Still hand-made, still Leo-like

The people at G&L Guitars consider themselves more than simply guitar builders. Rather, they are the caretakers of Leo Fender’s legacy. Built on what started as Clarence Leo Fender (CLF) Research in 1970, G&L, according to V.P. Dave (more…)

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Eric Bibb, Rory Block, & Maria Muldaur – Sisters and Brothers


I like this one for a couple of reasons. The first is it’s a perfect example of some vets getting together and just making good music. No ego involved, just three people who want to put good songs on tape, (more…)

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Chris Duarte – Romp


Chris Duarte is a unique voice in a batch of blues-rock guitarists who hail from down Texas way. His playing, while rooted in many of the same influences the other fellas have, is daring and subtle in ways that their playing isn’t. He’s not (more…)

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Charles Brown – A Life In The Blues


This is more than just an album by the late R&B great Charles Brown. It’s truly the story of a life – a scrapbook of history, photos, testimonials, music, vintage film clips, a live concert, discography, and (more…)

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