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Rahbek Standard

A fine custom guitar, Danish-style

Rahbek Guitars hail from Copenhagen, Denmark, hotbed of electric guitar production. Huh? Okay, so that ain’t the case. But those who would rush to judgment over the thought of buying a custom-made electric guitar from someone other than any (more…)

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Johnny Hiland

The eagle has landed

For an artist who hadn’t yet seen his first solo release when VG spoke with him 18 months ago, Johnny Hiland had made a lot of inroads. His well-deserved reputation as a downright dangerous force on the Telecaster was earned (more…)

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The Ramones – End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones


There’s an anachronism at the heart of this excellent, engrossing documentary. Few people will argue The Ramones’ influence on punk and post-punk rock, and the footage here from their heyday (more…)

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Bill Perry – Raw Deal


This record, plain-and-simple, cooks. Perry’s mix of rock and blues lands right in that perfect area that highlights the attraction of both kinds of music without being too self-conscious. He and producer Popa Chubby sink their teeth into the grooves and don’t let go. What (more…)

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Gibson 1938 Electric Bass

Likely The First!

Gibson 1938 Electric Bass This interesting piece of fretted Americana can be appreciated by any vintage instrument aficionado – particularly bassists – as it was probably the first instrument of its type ever built or marketed by Gibson. A 1976 letter by (more…)

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October 2006


FEATURES IN DETAIL The Gibson “Les Paul SG” Entering the 1960s, Gibson saw the continuing potential in the market for solidbody guitars – but not for its single-cut Les Paul models. The resulting changes created a new legend amongst collectibles. By Ward Meeker ORVILLE GIBSON LYRE MANDOLIN It represents everything that is Orville – not […]

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