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Biller & Horton – Texotica


Apparently, Dave Biller ran out of existing styles to master and had to start making up new ones. His work as leader and sideman – all of the highest order – has ranged from diesel-fumed country to western swing a la Jimmy Bryant to Django (more…)

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Nick Curran and the Nitelifes – Doctor Velvet


You know how some records just ooze fun? That’d be this one. Nick and his group mix jump blues, boogie, and greasy rock and roll into a perfect stew. And throughout the affair, Nick has a guitar sound that fits everything perfectly. (more…)

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Motorhead – Stone Deaf Forever (Box Set)


If bands got paychecks for being influential, Motorhead would buy your town. And then, of course, all the lawns would up and die. Founded in the mid 1970s by steel-wool throated bassist Lemmy Kilmister after he left (more…)

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July 2006


FEATURES ELLIOT EASTON Driving The New Cars In the late ’70s, The Cars rolled out to become the preeminent American band carrying the “new wave” flag, and its sound was fueled by the playing and tones of a skilled guitar player/collector. By Willie G. Moseley ABOVE & BEYOND Buck Owens, 1923-2006 He influenced everbody from […]

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