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John Davis – John Davis


John Davis was a member of Superdrag, which gained some notoriety in its 10-year run. They were a mix of influences including punk, early British rock and roll, and pop. Davis left the group after a religious conversion, and that’s where he picks up (more…)

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Richard Lloyd

Still Broadcasting

Television always seemed to be from another planet. Alien-like, the band was an anomaly: a dichotomy of punk attitude and intellectual musicianship. To put it another way, they hated hippies, but liked guitar solos. “Television would be out of place anywhere,” co-guitarist Richard (more…)

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Biréli Lagrne – Move


Biréli Lagrne may have just painted his masterpiece. His career has traveled widely – a manifestation of his Gypsy legacy. He stunned the jazz world with his debut live LP in 1980 when he was just 13. The songs were primarily originals, yet the music was steeped (more…)

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Jim Campilongo Electric Trio – American Hips


To say Jim Campilongo is a unique guitar player is like saying James Brown is funky. His playing is totally original and keeps growing. And the beautiful part is that he just seems to be getting more and more unique. The title/opening cut (more…)

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Vassar Clements – Livin’ With The Blues


For the last 40 years whenever a band leader uttered the phrase “Take it Vassar…” you could be assured the next sounds would be amazing. Clements’ reputation for playing innovative fiddle began with his work with Bill Monroe, and during (more…)

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Guyatone LG-160T

The Secret's Out!

Like plants, Japanese guitars have an almost secret life of which few people outside are aware. While many Americans in the ’60s were seeing fairly low-end commodity guitars at the neighborhood Western Auto, there was actually a thriving and fairly innovative domestic guitar scene that produced some cool and relatively decent guitars, including this (more…)

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Lollar Pickups

Super-Suitable Substitutes

Seattle’s Jason Lollar not only builds fine pickups, he also builds archtop, solidbody, and lap steel guitars (his list of clients includes National, DeTemple, Harmos, and Zero Guitars). And he authored a book with the self-explanatory title Basic Pickup Winding and Complete Guide to Making Your Own Pickup Winder. As a builder, Lollar specializes in […]

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Martin 5K


The braguinha, forerunner of the ukulele, was a small four-string instrument tuned in fifths. Named after the town of Braga in Portugal, the instrument arrived in Hawaii with the first group of Portuguese immigrants in 1878. But its owner didn’t know how to play it. A second boat, which arrived in 1879, carried not only […]

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Ernie Hawkins

Pittsburgh's own acoustic bluesman

For a guy who’s released several of the best country blues albums in the past decade, Ernie Hawkins is relatively unknown. Ernie caught the blues bug back in his teens, even though he wasn’t even sure what it was. In (more…)

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Bruce Hall

A quarter century with REO Speedwagon

It has been more than 25 years since bassist Bruce Hall ascended to the low-end stringed instrument position in the platinum-selling band REO Speedwagon. He’d played in other bands that shared venues in earlier times, (more…)

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